Chanawaka Village June 2012


Chanawaka Village, June 2012. ‘In loving memory of Lisa Jade Cottrell. She has made a difference...’

In March 2010, an extremely caring, loving person, Lisa Jade Cottrell sadly died at the very young age of just twenty-one. She had spent her short life trying to help others less fortunate by volunteering her time and fundraising for issues close to her heart. Lisa’s family began working with 3rd World Hope in 2010 by funding a water supply to a village in Malawi and distributing mosquito nets to hundreds of people in the local community. It was a way for them to continue helping those less fortunate in Lisa’s memory. Having seen the difference this had made to the local people, the Cottrell family, in memory of Lisa, wanted to continue their support and have recently funded our second children’s centre, ‘Tovwani Orphan Care.’ Tovwani meaning ‘help each other.’

Tovwani is set up very similar to our first centre, Tiziwane. Rather than have a large number of children living in one place, we keep the children living with local families within the community. This keeps the child in a close family environment. However, due to the extreme poverty these families live in, they cannot afford to look after the children. This is where our centres come in. The children come each day and receive meals, clean water, play games and become members of sports teams. We support the families by providing everything that the child may need, from blankets, mosquito nets, clothes, shoes, to paying all school education fees.

We provide training for all our care givers to ensure that the children receive the best possible care and above all, receive the love all children should feel. Each morning the centre runs a pre-school for our younger age group with around 20 children being taught by our trained pre-school teachers.

In the afternoon at around 12.30, the rest of our children return to the centre from school. They have their meals and spend the afternoon playing on our football, netball and volleyball pitches. Others spend the afternoon playing with our games or spinning around on the swings in the soft play area which was funded by Charlotte and her friends doing a sponsored walk in the UK. Tovwani have their own football and netball teams and kits for both have been kindly donated by AFC Waverton and Boughton Belles, both in Chester.

Like Tiziwane, Tovwani is also self-sufficient. We have our own land where we grow maize and kasava, and have our own vegetable patch to help combat malnutrition.

The running costs for the centre are covered by our latest new businesses. Along with our chicken farm which runs Tiziwane, we now have a grocery store and a minibus. After looking at our outgoings we found that a third of all costs were transport. Instead of just buying a pick-up truck, we decided on a minibus, as this could be used as a business running daily up to the nearest city 100 kms away. Along with generating an income from the passengers, it provides our centres with free transport for collecting goods and, if needed, can be used to get local people to hospital in emergencies.

As well as establishing the new pre-school and children’s centre, we have also worked to improve services to the wider community. Hundreds more mosquito nets have been distributed and essential equipment has been supplied to both the local school and hospital. Both are still in desperate need of help, something we intend on focussing on over the next few years.

From all of the children, staff and wider community in Malawi, thank you for your continued support. A very special thank you goes to the Cottrell family whom we look forward to showing around the project in the near future.’ You will then see for yourselves the difference Lisa has made.’




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