Mbamba Village 2012


Mbamba Village, June 2012. ‘A very special project...’

In July 2012, 3rd World Hope supporters Tom and Danielle Howard got married. They very generously requested that guests donate to our projects as part of their wedding gifts. This is what they achieved:


Thank you Mr and Mrs Howard and to all your friends



Orphan centre


Shaun workingSchool lessonChildren with wheelbarrow

Tom and Danielle have very kindly been supporting 3rd World Hope over a number of years. They have very generously donated money from their wedding to help disadvantaged communities in Africa have a chance of a safe and healthy future.

As a result of your support, residents of Mbamba village, Malawi, a population of over 300 people, now sleep safely under mosquito nets, reducing the risk of contracting malaria by up to 90%.

In Malawi, disabled people receive no support from the Government and are therefore left to beg and fend for themselves on the streets. With this being something close to the family’s heart, a new centre, ‘The Brian Ferguson Foundation’, has been established. Disabled people in the area can come, receive tuition in various skills including sewing, painting and carving, obtain materials and use tools and equipment free of charge. They are able to create items which they can then sell and subsequently buy food.

All of this has been funded from your generosity. From everyone involved out in Malawi, thank you so much!























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