We Want Your Old Stuff  

At 3rd World Hope doesn’t just depend on your cash to help but also your generosity, its not all about £££. If you’re thinking about throwing something away either because it's old or simply because you no longer need it, we want it


Some things we can take to Africa ourselves such as old, but working laptops, childrens clothes that are clean and fairly new, small soft toys, sportswear, reading glasses. Larger things such as old sofas or furniture can be sold on eBay with a percentage donation made to us as we are listed as one of eBay's registered charities.




To a child who has nothing a little something can mean a lot.



Some items we can collect from you, others can be mailed to us.
Please email us: info@3rdworldhope.org.uk and we will arrange everything.


Children with wheelbarrowChildren with parcelsChildren with bags






Alternatively you can list your 'old stuff' on eBay UK and select 3rd World Hope as the charity you would like to donate a percentage of your final sale to.


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