Meet the Malawian Team  




Hello, my name is Luck Mandala Chirwa born on the 23rd February 1985. I am one of the founders of Tiziwane orphan care, formed some nine years ago in 2002. We struggled for many years until the time when Chimango shared an address of his friend, Shaun, whom he met. Shaun later promised to come and he arrived in the February of 2009. During his visit, he helped the orphan centre with various important items. During this visit, we talked about building a shelter and continuing support for the orphanage and talked about registering a charity, 3rd World Hope. I proudly say that I am the country coordinator of the project and do all the implementation, communications and reporting to the 3rd World Hope organisation on whatever happens in Malawi.







Lumbani Mahemane


Firstly let introduce myself, I am Lumbani Mahemane, secretary and counsellor of Village Headman Chikhokho. I live in Bandawe. I am one of the initiators of the Tiziwane Project here in Malawi. I have continued playing an advisory role for the project and helped it to secure land for the farming, garden and a place where to build the structure. I also do monthly meetings with the committee members who are mostly women on the progress of the project and report everything to Luck and the Village headman. Overall, this is what I can say I do in the organisation.... Am the advisor for the project in Malawi and am part of the family of 3rd World Hope!


Chimango Mahemane


Hi everyone! My name is Chimango, a friend to Shaun Williams and son to Lumbani Mahemane. I happen to know Shaun when I was playing around on the beach sometime back. I am the one who introduced Shaun to Tiziwane. Since his introduction to the project, he has done a great deal of development to the Tiziwane project. I play a role of monitoring in the project; I make sure that every planned work of the project is carried out effectively. I organise recreation activities such as football tournaments, taking orphans to the lake and brainstorming on the future ideas for the project, I also report things back to 3rd World Hope.
I am starting Mzuzu college to study Rural and Community development to help the project in the future.
I am part of 3rd World Hope in Malawi.