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Would you like us to come in and pay a visit your school/club?



School lesson



Let's Learn


What does 3rd World Hope do?


We can come to your school and can tell you all about what we do at 3rd World Hope.


Why do you do it?


We will explain why we do it, and who the people are that we are helping.


Mosquito net, what's that for?


We can demonstrate to you the use of mosquito nets, how they work,
and explain why it is so important for children in Africa have a mosquito net.


Why do they need clean water?


We can tell you about the difference between water from a lake and clean fresh water
so that you understand why we are building water pumps in Africa and why they need our help.



What do the children in Africa eat?


We will show you some of the food that the children in Africa eat and how they make it.


What do the children in Africa learn in school?


We can give you a lesson to demonstrate what school is like for the children.


What do the children in Africa wear to school?


We can come in and teach you lots about how the children in Africa live.


How do we get you to come into our school?


Get your teacher to contact us so that we can set up a meetiong with them
so that we can explain what we can do to help you all understand what life is like for children in Africa.


What can we do?


We can give you lots of fund raising ideas so that you too can make a diference.



Child with T-Shirt