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Guy Martin Our Patron

Patron - Guy Martin

"Some people have real problems"


We are extremely pleased to announce Guy Martin as our Patron for 3rd World Hope.

Guy is an International motorcycle road racer from Lincolnshire who works as a lorry fitter by day. Guy has recently made a number of Television Series including, ‘The Boat That Guy Built’, 'Speed with Guy Martin' and also starred in the Cinema documentary hit ‘TT3D – Closer to the Edge’. He has become well known and admired in the public eye for his no-nonsense attitude, hard-work, enthusiasm and determination to overcome challenges. It is such characteristics that make Guy a great symbol of what 3rd World Hope stands for. We raise the money and get out there to help the people who need it most.

Thank you for getting involved Guy.





James McHaffie

Patron - James McHaffie


James is one of the best climbers in both the UK and Worldwide. He specialises in rock climbing having onsighted/flashed more than 45 E7s covering most rock types in Britain, repeated the hardest sport climb in Wales - 'The Big Bang', the hardest sea cliff in Britain - 'The Longhope', and set the hardest slab in Britain - 'The Meltdown.' 

James is proud to be one of seven BMC Ambassadors for climbing and now a member of the 3rd World Hope Family.


James' determination to complete the most extreme challenges where most have failed, symbolises what 3rd World Hope stands for. We are trying to reach out and help those in most need, no matter how difficult the task may be.



Shaun (Founder and Principal Trustee)


Hey Guys, I'm Shaun. I'm originally from Holyhead, North Wales and now live in Chester. I went travelling around the world in 2007 and was lucky enough to live with different cultures across the globe. After visiting many countries and witnessing the extreme poverty, I returned home inspired to make a difference. Being out there and living amongst it made me realise that however big or small the help may means so much to the people who desperately need it. It is with the amazing support we've received so far that we have now set up 3rd World Hope

"G.I"...Get Involved!




Howie (Co-Founder and Trustee)


Hi I'm Howie, in 2006 I travelled through Africa on a trip hoping to descend this mammoth continent down the Eastern sea board, visiting countries such as Egypt, Tanzania, Mozambique, South Africa and most memorably Malawi. I knew it would be a lasting relationship. For anyone who has visited Malawi will understand the reception from the people makes you feel quite at home. When Shaun spoke about arranging a trip to an orphanage out in Northern Malawi it took no time at all for me to make a decision to get involved.
I was amazed at the response we had from family and friends leading up to the Malawi project. It confirmed to us that this would be an ongoing project to provide support and sustainability to those who need it most.




Heidi (Trustee)


Hi there, I’m Heidi, Shaun’s mum, working behind the scenes book-keeping and preparing accounts.

I’m involved with 3rd World Hope as I am extremely proud of the great things the charity has achieved. Waving Shaun off to Africa this year in his flip flops, board shorts and a rucksack on his back says it all. What moves me most is the simplicity. Every penny raised is spent on those who need it most, there is no middle man!





James (Trustee)


Hi, I'm James. I'm originally from South Wales, but have worked overseas for around seven years now. In 2009 I was lucky enough to move to work in Ghana and have met some amazing people here since then. Shaun and Howie's amazing work inspired me to get involved and now I help out 3rd World Hope anyway I can, focussing on local advice, ideas and fundraising. In the next two years I'll be competing in an ultramarathon on every continent of the world, raising money and awareness for this amazing charity, so look out for Team 3rd World Hope!

Kate Sillitoe

University of Chester


Hi, I'm Kate, Senior Lecturer in Visual Communication and Digital Design at the University of Chester and the Programme Leader for BA Advertising, and I teach some of the best Advertising students around. My students and I have been working with 3rd World Hope over the last couple of years, helping them with their advertising and promotional materials. Our help means that they spend nothing at all - not one penny, on promoting the charity. This means that every single penny raised goes directly to those in most need - the orphaned children and their communities in Africa.


The University of Chester is proud to get involved in 3rd World Hope and help them make a difference to children in need.